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2mm switch glass with round hole
Category:Switch glass
Switch glass is the newest glass product which can replace ordinary plastic switch panel. It have many advantages than ordinary plastic switch panel. Glass switch panel is more beautiful,environmental, economical than plastic switch panel,it is easy to clean,it can be used for a long time,and it is also have excellent fireproof function. We supply various thickness and size switch glass: 86*86mm, 118*72mm, 100*100mm. All product use ultra clear glass material. we can make polished edge, beveled edge, 2.5D curved edge etc. we can print 5 colors at most.

2mm switch glass with round hole

Product parameters:

Material:2mm ultra clear glass;

Lighting transparency:91%;

Glass edge:smooth edge, polished edge, CNC edge, 2.5D edge;

Size tolerance:+/-0.2mm;

Tempering: physical/chemical tempering;

Silk screen printing: according glass requirmqnt, 5 colors at most;

Packaging: protective filming+kraft paper+carton.

switch glass, 2mm switch glass, silk screen printing glass, CNC hole glass
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