1mm Anti-reflective coating glass

1mm Anti-reflective coating glass

Dongguan Gamet Glass Co., LTD manufacturing various kinds of tempered anti-reflective coating glass,1/2 sides coating,lighting transparency can reach 98% at highest, high grade clear glass material, smooth edge,silk screen printing glass according your need, wildly be used as led/lcd displayer cover glass.

1mm Anti-reflective coating glass

Product parameters:

Material:1-6mm thickness float glass;

Anti-reflective coating technology:1 side/2sides Anti-reflective coating;

Glass edge:smooth edge;

Size tolerance:+/-0.2mm;

Tempering: physical/chemical tempering;

Silk screen printing: according glass requirmqnt;

Lighting transmittance: 1side Anti-reflective coating:95%; 2 sides Anti-reflective coating:98%;

Other Coating: anti glare/anti fingerprinting coating;

Packaging: protective filming+kraft paper+carton.

Product pictures:

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